So what if you could take a look at an alternative solution that provided actual cost savings and allowed ROI to be welcomed back in to the discussion?  Well, the answer is NetSuite: the #1 Cloud ERP solution on the market today.  ERP meet Cloud, Cloud meet ERP.

I know, I know, it sounds dangerous to let these two meet.  Your data needs to be secure.  You need control of your environment, valuable reporting, and a way to make ROI a reality.  Let’s think about that and focus on the strengths of the Cloud in addressing such concerns.


In a Cloud ERP solution like NetSuite, you are leveraging an ERP system that is being maintained in a Tier 4 data center.  These data centers have more compliance and security regulations than most would ever put in their own infrastructure.  If you did put that level of security and compliance in to your environment, that is just another layer of cost you can save by going to Cloud ERP.  The only thing you’ll be losing is another monthly expense, which is a good thing.  Cloud ERP solutions also provide customizable access which allows you to determine what individuals can and cannot see within the application.


Leading Cloud ERP packages, such as NetSuite, come with business analytics functionality out of the box that delivers real value.  Imagine having the ability to create your own dashboards which contain reports, trend graphs, key performance indicators, and reminders to help you perform your regular activities?  Imagine being able to create a report in a matter of minutes on your own rather than needing to wait months for a developer to figure out how to get you the data you need?!?  Imagine a world where you’re an empowered business user who has the tools at your fingertips to get the real time data you need to do your job, and do it well?!?  A clear advantage of Cloud ERP solutions is that they can truly empower business users to be more efficient through the delivered reporting and dashboard capabilities.


When assessing ERP related projects and operations, the ROI often doesn’t look pretty and is years away from being realized.  However, with a Cloud ERP solution ROI becomes an instant reality.  Achieving an ROI doesn’t have to be like chasing a mirage on the horizon.  Cloud ERP solutions work in a SaaS model, so you simply pay a subscription for your licenses.  In a SaaS model, infrastructure maintenance is no longer a concern as it’s handled for you.  Say goodbye to server maintenance and upgrades.  Cloud ERP solutions also provide you with multiple release upgrades each year that are included in the subscription.  And customizations?  That isn’t a bad thing to say anymore.  Cloud ERP solutions allow you to tailor the system to your needs and the upgrade process will support those customizations.  Talk about ease of use.  Quite simply, Cloud ERP offers an alternative to traditional on premise hosted solutions where you can increase productivity and add value to the business all while lowering your total ERP costs by as much as 50% to 75%.  The cost savings alone make Cloud ERP something that every business should consider.

Let’s face it: change is difficult.  It’s often easiest to avoid change and stay in one’s comfort zone.  Even so, change can quickly become a welcomed thing when the benefits are tangible and result in significant improvements that can be quickly realized.

Simply put, Cloud ERP will help you get back to focusing on what you do best: running and growing your business.