Staff Augmentation

NetSuite software is a paradigm-shifting method of accessing business applications via the cloud. Cloud computing power is being leveraged to deliver robust, on-demand and fully integrated CRM and ERP solutions that are reducing the high expenses that are common with traditional CRM/ERP deployments.

Filling Your Technical Staffing Needs

As a NetSuite partner, Centium Consulting can furnish you with the high-level of functional and technical support that we have been providing to our customers since our inception.  We will draw on our extensive experience implementing and supporting CRM/ERP implementations with a large number of customers. Our experience, combined with our extensive industry expertise will ensure that your project will be successful. Our technical support experts will assist you on each step of your journey.

Centium Consulting is a licensed reseller of NetSuite’s product suite and we have extensive experience as a NetSuite integration and implementation partner. Whether you need help with your NetSuite implementation or you need to integrate NetSuite products with an external source of data, we are a one-stop provider of NetSuite related services.

Short Term Staffing Solution

Centium Consulting offers functional and technical support services that furnish our clients with access to Centium experts to assist them with functional and technical issues without any long-term commitments. We guarantee that there will be outstanding service and minimal risk for all of our customers.

Our technical support services include:

  • Technical Assistance:  Support and resolution of any technical solutions that are related to your NetSuite installation. This could range from resource management, to data integration, to software issues with a customized solution.
  • Monitoring:  We will be proactive in monitoring your NetSuite implementation and identify areas that may be improved upon, provide you with a recommended plan of action, develop a best practice plan, and implement identified improvements.
  • Maintenance:  Continuing maintenance and administration services will include security management, user management, maintenance of custom and standard objects, package maintenance, and data management.
  • Custom Development:  To realize the full potential of your NetSuite implementation custom development may be required. We have extensive experience developing and maintaining custom features for NetSuite applications.
  • Help Desk Support:  Adoption and acceptance of your NetSuite solution may be the most crucial factor in the success of your CRM/ERP implementation. We can provide you with comprehensive help desk and training support services to ensure that your end-users will adopt the system.

Why Select Centium Consulting’s Support Services

  • Experienced:  Centium employs consultants who are experienced with a large number of NetSuite installations with numerous satisfied clients.
  • Reliable:  As a certified NetSuite partner NetSuite recommends and trusts us. We have earned a stellar record of customer satisfaction.
  • Flexible:  We provide our customers with the flexibility to choose the exact manner in which they will use our services. Our services can range from a single source of customer advisement to a full-scale outsourcing solution for the entire project.
  • Affordable:  Our customers obtain the services they require without having to deal with the bureaucracy and overhead that are associated with large consulting firms. We reduce the costs of delivering the services you need without compromising the high-quality you deserve.


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