Congratulations – You’ve Already Selected the #1 Cloud ERP

You’ve already made your first decision. You know you have outgrown your current system. Let’s get your business to the next level now. Let’s help you select the right solutions and the right partnership.

Select the Right NetSuite Solutions

The next critical decision is selecting the right set of NetSuite applications for your industry and for your specific business. We can help you make those choices and implement the right level of functionality – from single instance Financial Management Solution to a full ERP for multi-currency, global businesses with CRM, HCM, PSA, eCommerce, etc. Take advantage of fully integrated Financial Planning and Business Intelligence (BI). We can also help you integrate with other existing systems as appropriate and necessary.

Select the Right Implementation Partner

Been There Done That

Any system conversion seems daunting at the beginning and could be a high-risk, high-stakes project without proper preparation and experienced resources. In our experience, the top reasons why implementation projects fail are:

· Poorly defined project scope and goals

· Lack of project sponsor involvement

· Not putting your best resources on the project and/or lack of commitment

· Underestimating the effort

Minimize the Risks

We know the risks and know how to anticipate and manage them. We ensure that you are fully aware of the pitfalls and we jointly plan and execute in order to deliver a successful project.

Our methodologies and processes ensure a well-planned and smoothly delivered project.

Experience is Nothing Unless You Care

Choose a partner who is experienced, transparent, deeply cares about your success and is value-driven. Contact us to further discuss why we are the right partner for you.