Netsuite by Industry

As IT infrastructures evolve, many organizations are implementing various technology initiatives to help measure and monitor business activity, manage performance, and connect operational processes to business intelligence. Adoption of integrated applications represents a paradigm shift, with organizations moving away from static data to real-time, dynamic information that is available to everyone in the extended enterprise.

Below are Some industries that we are proud to have a successful experience with:

  • Information Technology
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Industrial
  • Financial
  • Healthcare

Business intelligence has recently become a word used by almost every CFO, controller, and analyst. After having spent the last decade implementing Enterprise Resource Planning software and other mission critical solutions, companies now have large databases with transactional data sitting in their computer rooms. Now, finally, the technology has reached a point where it is possible- in almost real time-to quickly and easily analyze the financial data in the corporate databases, to be able to make more intelligent business decisions.

Centium Consulting, Inc. recognizes that to deliver solutions that meet your organization’s unique needs, technical proficiency alone just isn’t enough. We understand that in today’s technology maze every client ‘s operational needs are unique and so are the systems they depend on. At Centium we focus on a select range of industries, and we bring you not only tailored technology solutions, but deep industry expertise and our commitment to a long-term relationship that helps you achieve and sustain measurable results.