Professional NetSuite Support

Managing your enterprise applications and technology in today’s environment can be challenging. Changing business dynamics mean on-going enhancements, new applications to support strategic initiatives and around-the-clock support. Add to it the ongoing challenges of keeping pace with technology and ensuring an adequate supply of human resources with the right skills when you need them.

NetSuite Strategic Consulting

Centium can provide the right level of consulting service you need to get the most out of your investment. We do not have to provide a full-service implementation experience – we will work with you to define what is needed based on your goals. No matter what stage of your implementation you are at, or even if you have already gone live, we can help you realize additional value from your investment.

We help you strategically assess your business needs, define the project requirements, plan the functionality, reporting, dashboards and structure an overall project plan.

Contact us for an exploratory quick consultation now.

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NetSuite Implementation

We customize our projects to your needs. Centium will work with you to clearly define the overall effort that is required to get your NetSuite application live. We understand the importance of transitioning to a new platform as quickly as possible to realize the value of your investment, but we also know what is required to ensure true success. We offer different levels of implementation support, and the option you choose is primarily driven by how much work your organization can handle (see our Service Levels). Regardless of how much of our services you choose to use, we will always refer to our proven implementation methodology to ensure you have considered all areas that may be critical for your success.  

Centium would work with you to structure the project plan, define project milestones and timelines and select a level of service. We will assign roles and responsibilities and execute on the NetSuite implementation in accordance with the plan.

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NetSuite Integrations & Customizations

We can extend the functionality of your new system with integrations with other software – from Salesforce CRM to Adaptive Insights implementations. The Centium team has the expertise to deliver customizations using the NetSuite developer set of tools and ensure your system fits your exact needs.

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NetSuite Application Maintenance

Once implemented your new system would require some level of ongoing support and application maintenance. We can work with you to structure and ongoing NetSuite Application Maintenance plan based on our Support services.

We get it – different organizations have different support needs. We have customers who need minimal support and reach out as needed, while others require ongoing support with frequent touchpoints. We will work with you to develop a support plan that fits the needs of your business. We are committed to our customers being long term advocates of NetSuite and we deliver services to align with that.

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