Customer Background

Our customer has been helping provider organizations prepare for, and ultimately accept and manage, various value-based payment models – from shared risk programs, to full capitation to provider-sponsored health plans – for nearly 20 years.  Founded on a vision of empowering providers to be in charge clinically and financially, their mission evolved to “be indispensable in assisting providers to better manage their patient populations and accept financial responsibility for the quality of care they provide.”

Over the years, they combined all the necessary actuarial analyses, clinical integration and population health technology, and ongoing management services for provider organizations to make the volume-to-value transition successfully.  They’re proud to count leading institutions among their clients and almost half of the nation’s free standing children’s hospitals at one time or another.

The Challenge

Our customer was in the midst of a NetSuite implementation using an implementation partner who did not do a good job of laying out all of the work that was required to successfully complete the implementation.  The partner was using a shared implementation approach where they would teach the customer how to configure and use the applications, but all of the work was left to the customer to make the transition from one system to another.

Our customer was a couple of months away from what they thought would be their NetSuite Go-Live.  This could not have been further from reality.  Unfortunately, there was a lot of work that had to be done and our customer did not have the bandwidth to complete all of the work that had been assigned to them.  The real challenge was that no one ever identified all of the work that had to be completed and our customer had no idea since they had not done anything like this before.

The Solution

We were introduced to our customer through a private equity firm, with whom we had worked with in the past to assist another one of their portfolio companies.  We quickly gathered information (statement of work, project plan, status reports, etc.), reviewed their environment, and assessed the current situation.  It became clear to us that our customer did not understand the amount of work that was required to complete a successful implementation.

We identified all of the components of the plan that were missing, discussed the effort that was required to complete all of the work, and created a plan for success.  We took ownership of certain activities that our customer did not have the knowledge or experience to complete, assisted them in the ones they could do on their own, and made certain that they achieved their new go-live date.

Our customer has been live on NetSuite since January 2014 and we continue to support them in their efforts to more efficiently run their business.


– Rory Regan