Customer Background

Our customer’s story began through the founder’s extensive experience in the medical field, primarily as a physician.  After many years of working in the medical field, our customer developed a unique medical device to fill an obvious niche that needed to be filled in the market to deliver a product that would be used on a daily basis in the operating room.  The product would increase sanitation during operations along with reducing surgery time, and there was nothing like it on the market.  As a result, the customer was quite anxious to bring it to market as soon as possible.

The Challenge

Our customer came to Centium with a great product to bring to the market.  However, they didn’t have the business tools and applications in place to help them make their vision a reality.  Being that the company was still in it’s infancy, they needed to quickly implement a solution that would allow them to sell their product to customers along with tracking sales, inventory, shipments, and the overall financial impact of their business operations.  At the time, the customer didn’t have extensive personnel to allocate towards running the applications, so they needed a solution that was easy to maintain along with being easy for users to work with.  The customer also needed to get up and running quickly because of a growing inventory of product, but no quality channel for getting the product into the consumer’s hands.

The Solution

The customer contacted Centium to deliver a NetSuite solution that would give them the necessary tools to launch and operate their new business.  In order to bring their product to market, the customer needed to have an Ecommerce site created for hospitals and doctors to order the product from.  In addition to the Ecommerce site, the customer also needed to be able to easily track their sales, inventory, shipments, and financials.

One of the key benefits of a NetSuite solution is how rapidly it can be deployed.   Being that the customer didn’t have very complex requirements, we were able to leverage the quality of NetSuite’s out of the box functionality for order management, sales, and accounting.  The only configuration that was needed took only a few hours to complete which is not always common in the ERP world.  After the initial configuration was completed, the next area to tackle as a part of the solution development was to create their Ecommerce site.  From start to finish, the Ecommerce site development effort took just 4 weeks.  The customer then wanted to take a few more weeks to complete some initial testing and training effort, after which time the customer went live with their full solution in a matter of just 6 weeks.  The Ecommerce site development was the only area of customization needed to bring them live so that they could then start realizing the benefits of their NetSuite solution.

After going live on NetSuite, the customer was able to rapidly start bringing in revenue from their Ecommerce site as they were able to capture orders, credit card information for payment processing, and would immediately be notified of new orders which then needed to be fulfilled.  The power of NetSuite allowed them to have full visibility into the operations of their business, in such areas as order capture and fulfillment, which ultimately led to increased customer satisfaction and repeat sales.  The customer can access data in real time, such as in the area of sales, in order to know where they stand as they continue to expand their business using NetSuite as the tool to facilitate their growth.  The customer needed a solution that was easy to maintain, as they just wanted to focus on building and growing their business, instead of focusing on maintaining the their business applications.  NetSuite delivered on being the right tool for them.

– Troy Spencer