Customer Background

Our customer has been a leading manufacturer of electronic imaging components, cameras and systems for over 40 years.  During that time frame they have helped develop the landscape of imaging technology and processes that have even led to new industries.

In recent years our customer had developed relationships with contract manufacturers to outsource the manufacturing of their product.  Based on their continued growth this proved to be a positive business move, but managing it with their existing disparate systems created internal challenges for them.  They needed a solution and they needed it fast.

The Challenge

The process of leveraging contract manufacturers to process their product was something they were not able to manage with their existing systems.  It was a very manual, offline process that required a lot of time and no holistic view to real-time data.  They were challenged with how quickly they could react to changing demand, supplier delays, introducing new product and getting it done in a timely manner.  Reporting was Excel spreadsheets.  They knew with their expected growth this process would quickly breakdown if they didn’t put something in place quickly.

Their ideal solution would include not only a solution for their contract manufacturing process, but a solution that could be leveraged throughout the company.  They wanted to get away from their disparate systems and offline processes all together and put a complete solution in place that would meet the needs of the expanding contract manufacturing process and the needs of the rest of the company.

The Solution

As a strategic partner, Centium was selected to assist them in the process of replacing their existing systems, but more importantly putting an online process in place that is scalable to manage their ever growing contract manufacturing needs.  Leveraging the NetSuite applications, Centium was able to do just that.

Centium leveraged their experience and knowledge to develop an online process that allows the buyer/planner to now have full visibility to their backlog demand, open WIP and inventory availability.  Where before they had to rely on manually putting together offline spreadsheets that would potentially be outdated by the time they were finished, they now have scalable process with a dashboard that provides a holistic view with real-time data.  Along with this, we developed a web interface their contract manufacturers use to provide receipt and completion transactions that are pulled right in to NetSuite.  This removes any need for the buyer/planner to have to process transactions, but instead they manage it and all online.

An actual quote from the buyer/planner:  I am extremely pleased with the ability to track my product in our ERP system.  Being that my product is run through contract manufacturers from start to fulfillment, this was unachievable in our previous ERP system.  This is a tremendous relief of manual labor to track inventory at various stages in the process.  I have instant visibility of inventory and WIP at all times.”