Customer Background

Our customer is a non-profit organization who assists foundations, businesses, non-profits, and governments in achieving transformational change.   They utilize their expertise in strategic planning, evaluation, and implementation to help clients create social impact in health, economic development, education, and more.  The company was founded in the year 2000 and has grown to 150+ employees on three continents.

The team includes members of diverse backgrounds who nonetheless hold to a common spirit of collaboration, dedication to analytical rigor, and sense of urgency about social change.  They continue to lead with ideas by publishing reports, articles, and tools, hosting conferences and trainings, and speaking at events around the world.  They continue to work with clients and partners to unleash the full potential of funders, nonprofits, businesses, and governments to accelerate progress against the world’s most pressing challenges, such as global health, education, and poverty.

The Challenge

Our customer had an ERP system that was not scalable with their growth.  They had no ability to manage foreign activities in multiple currencies and a majority of what they did to manage the business was being done offline in excel and word.  They were in need of an affordable solution that would scale with their growth and afford them the ability to manage a global organization.

The Solution

As a strategic partner, Centium was selected to assist them in the process of replacing their existing system.  They needed their information to be more tightly integrated with their financial system and needed more automation so that they could scale without having to hire more people to manage the day to day operations.  They considered multiple software packages to meet their needs and decided to choose NetSuite (Services Resource Planning (SRP)) as their platform for growth.

Centium leveraged their experience and knowledge to assist this customer with their implementation.  They are currently live, running NetSuite on three separate continents on a single environment that is managed in the cloud.  Their sales orders are setup to automatically create projects that employees charge time and travel expenses to.  They are now able to bill directly from time and expenses that have been recorded against a particular project.  In addition, they now have visibility to where their staff are scheduled to work and can quickly identify capacity issues.  The amount of information that had to be managed in excel has been drastically reduced.  They now have real time financial information that allows them to proactively manage their business.

Revenue recognition was a manual process that was being maintained in excel.  Utilizing NetSuite’s advanced billing and revenue recognition capability, they are now able to attach a billing and revenue recognition schedule to transactions, automating the billing and recognition of revenue.

In addition to the core ERP that has been replaced, there is also integration with SalesForce that is being built utilizing a standard integrator.  The integrator will allow information to be shared between SalesForce and NetSuite.  Opportunities are created and managed in SalesForce and then integrated into NetSuite once the opportunity is sold.  This automates the process from sold opportunity to project creation.