Customer Background

Our customer has been a leading manufacturer of electronic imaging components, cameras and systems for over 40 years.  During that time frame they have helped develop the landscape of imaging technology and processes that have even led to new industries.

Over the years our customer had developed increasing requirements to improve and report on data collection from the quality assurance department.  Based on their continued growth this proved to be an important initiative, but managing it with their existing disparate systems and offline processes created internal challenges for them.  They needed a solution and they needed it fast.

The Challenge

The importance of collecting and reporting on quality inspection data, both from their suppliers and from the production floor, had reached a level where corporate management was making it a priority.  The problem they had was the data was being collected, but it was in multiple systems and sometimes maintained offline.  Along with this, the validity of the data was not 100% due to the inability to track true on-time receipt information, cycle time through inspection and calculating out the AQL requirements.

Each time they had to pull data together for corporate management it would take the equivalent of a full time resource over the course of a couple of days just to pull all the required information together.  Once they had the data, it took even more time to put that data in to spreadsheets and statistical graphs.  By the time everything was done, the data they were reporting on was out dated for their needs and not 100% accurate.

The Solution

As a strategic partner, Centium was selected to assist them in the process of putting a solution in place that would allow them to have a single system for collecting and reporting on quality inspection data.  This required us to satisfy accurate tracking of on-time receipts from vendors, collecting the data in a single repository, having on-line calculations of the item specific AQLs and have reporting on real-time data.

Centium leveraged their experience and knowledge to develop an online quality collection system that allowed our customer to remove their offline manual processes and consolidate all of their information in to NetSuite.  This not only allows them to pull real-time reporting for corporate management, but allows them the ability to accurately communicate to their vendors to report on how they are doing, both from an on-time delivery perspective and pass/fail analysis of the products they receive.

An actual quote from the Quality Assurance Manager:  With the NetSuite implementation we have been able to work from a single system.  This has removed the duplication of effort and manual processes.  We now have real-time access to data which improves our ability to pull metrics together on our suppliers and products.”