Driving Results and ROI with Your NetSuite Implementation

We help you generate results and ROI from your NetSuite implementation by bringing value in 3 areas. What that means to you:

Reliability and Quality

We obsess about delivering high quality implementations and are often called upon to turn around run-away projects.

  • Accurate scoping, estimating and a detailed plan for what we will deliver
  • Reliable, highly knowledgeable resources
  • Complex projects implementation success with Big 4 experience without the price tag

Time to Value

Start running your business on a new system within the planned timeframe.


When you choose Centium you can expect value-driven pricing that maximizes your outcomes for the level of service you select. Here’s our guarantee to you:

  • Transparent pricing reflecting tiered service levels
  • We’ll highlight the risks and potential pitfalls
  • Joint detailed plan as opposed to “a bucket of hours”

Three Levels of Service

With all three approaches, Centium will build out your NetSuite implementation plan based on the selected scope and guide you through the project. In addition, we’ll provide templates to accelerate the work effort.


Centium team provides strategic, technical and project guidance but the majority of the effort will be the customer’s responsibility. Typical effort distribution: 80% Customer/ Centium 20%


The work effort will be divided equally across the team.  We jointly determine roles and responsibilities in the planning phase. Typical effort distribution: 50% Customer/ Centium 50%


Centium team has the main responsibility for the project. Typical effort distribution: Customer 20%/ Centium 80%