Centium Support

Centium Support is an Application and Administration Support Service that provides you with 24x7x365 remote support of your production NetSuite environment. This includes ‘How To’ questions, SuiteBuilder Support and proactive monitoring of your environment.
Centium will take full ownership of your NetSuite issues and work them through to resolution. We take on an administrative role for your production environment to help maintain data integrity, enforce change control processes and maintain access and security of your production environment.

End User Support is Critical for Success

Helping you maintain a balance.

Helping you maintain a balance.

Implementing NetSuite as your ERP solution was a great decision for many reasons, but even with a Cloud ERP system you still need to ensure the business is able to perform their daily transactions.

The ‘care and feeding’ of your infrastructure has been moved to the cloud, so why maintain an on-prem application support model?  Leverage Centium Support to provide you with 24x7x365 support of your production environment and allow your resources to truly focus on business initiatives.

What is Centium Support?

Administrative Support:  We provide a ‘best practice’ approach to managing roles, access, permissions, change control, environment refresh and password resets.

Health Check:  We will review your production environment and make recommendations for cleaning, updating and maintaining your configurations and data.

SuiteBuilder Support:  Support for your existing configurations and assistance with ad hoc requirements for custom fields, saved searches, dashboard assistance, custom forms and roles.

Upgrade Reviews:  NetSuite releases upgrades twice a year, and our support team will be proactive in reviewing these updates and comparing to your environment to identify any potential changes or opportunities to leverage new functionality.

24x7x365 Support:  Our support team works with you to take full ownership of the issues and work it through to resolution.  This includes logging cases and working with NetSuite Support on your behalf as well as any SuiteApp partners.

Proactive Approach:  We review the issues for repetitiveness and identify trends that may lead to training needs, monitoring or process change.

Communication:  We will provide a weekly status report and schedule a recurring review meeting with you as needed.  Communication is the key to success!

Web Based Ticketing:  Centium leverages NetSuite for our internal purposes, including our own case management.

Other Centium Services?

NetSuite Development: As your company continues grow, so do the needs of your ERP system. Centium offers a remote development service that works alongside our Centium Support to provide a best practice approach for enhancing your system based on your business needs.
Regression Testing: NetSuite has two point release upgrades per year and they provide you with a ‘Preview’ environment to validate your production system prior to the actual release. Centium can provide assistance with regression testing needs and collaborate with our Centium Support to address any issues prior to the production release. In addition you can leverage our Xcelero testing tool to streamline the regression testing needs.
Xcelero: Centiums’ Xcelero product allows you to quickly create test cases, group them into a scenario, automatically execute and analyze results. Ask how you can become a beta customer!
Adaptive Insights: Centium has experienced resources on staff to support and guide you through an Adaptive Insights implementation.