EZ Capture for

Work Order Completions

NetSuite offers a powerful cloud-based manufacturing system that offers power and flexibility. It enables inventory management, planning for demand and management of work orders. Work order management is a critical component of the system and requires capturing of a large volume of transactions that represent completion of work order operations.

With a high volume of transactions, operators on the shop floor need a streamlined method of data entry. The requirement is to enter a small amount of data and do it as quickly as possible without entering a lot of keystrokes.

Centium EZ Capture provides a simple user interface to enter Work Order Completion transactions at every operation step. Operators can walk to a terminal, scan the work order number from the traveler and enter completion details such as completion quantity, scrap with reasons and machine run times. Once an operation is entered, the next operation is automatically prompted. Multiple operations can be entered at once. Cumulative scrap quantities are computed and displayed so yield can be tracked.

Security is built into the design of EZ Capture and access is password controlled. Operator details are captured for each transaction for audit and reporting purposes.

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