EZ NetSuite Prendio Integration

Prendio offers a robust procurement solution for Biotech laboratories and enables an easy ordering process with appropriate controls. Centium’s EZ NetSuite Prendio Integration seamlessly connects Prendio with NetSuite for a seamless Procure-to-Pay experience.

Centium’s integration solution syncs vendor data between the two applications and pushes vendor bills from Prendio to NetSuite for approval and payment. A copy of the purchase order, packing slip and invoice are sent to NetSuite as attachments. Upon vendor payment, payment status is returned back to Prendio. In a multi-subsidiary NetSuite environment, each subsidiary can be connected to separate Prendio environments.

This integration allows customers to utilize NetSuite’s powerful workflow-driven functionality for approvals. Transactions integrated from Prendio can be routed to auto-approve, while those entered directly into NetSuite can go through the desired approval path (e.g., approval by department).  

Another important benefit of the integration is that scientists and lab technicians do not have to interact with a business application like NetSuite and do not need access. On the flip side, the Accounts Payable users in NetSuite do not need to learn to operate the Prendio platform.

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