Pharma, Bio, & MedTech

There could be a lot of unknowns on the path to success in pharma and biotech. With specific R&D cost intricacies, product development and commercialization, and manufacturing compliance requirements, pharma, bio, & medtech companies need a business management system that is scalable, real-time and enables deeper analytics and reporting. Centium will provide the right NetSuite solution to address your business needs.

NetSuite for Pharma, Bio, & MedTech – Typical Questions and Best Practices

Can our system enable a fast financial close?

Would our accounting software support complex partnership structures and project accounting?

Is our cost management be detailed enough to enable cost control and complex allocations to projects?
Would the financial system and records be robust enough to support audits, compliance and public company requirements?

NetSuite Implementation for Pharma, Bio, & MedTech Case Study

Learn how your Pharma, Bio, & MedTech business
can benefit from Centium and NetSuite