“Plan the Work, Work the Plan”

Managing your enterprise applications and technology in today’s environment can be challenging. Changing business dynamics mean on-going enhancements, new applications to support strategic initiatives and around-the-clock support. Add to it the ongoing challenges of keeping pace with technology and ensuring an adequate supply of human resources with the right skills when you need them. Here’s how Centium can help through each of the stages of the NetSuite implementation project.

Project Planning

We know it’s not rocket science but it’s so important to get this right. Therefore, Centium’s methodology for project risk management includes:

  • establishing key milestones at the start
  • holding tollgate review meetings to assess progress against those milestones
  • providing regular reporting and status meetings of overall traction on the project
  • assessing readiness in “go/no go” reviews

Establishing key milestones at the start of any project, and communicating those across the team, minimizes the risk of stakeholders being unaware of upcoming changes and their required involvement to work toward seeing those changes come to fruition.

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System Design and Implementation

After key milestones in the project, such as testing events, tollgate review meetings are held to go through a specific set of criteria to truly assess where the project is at, which allows for any issues to be addressed before they become a problem. 

Regular status meetings are held throughout the project where the team reviews progress against the plan, the current state of any issues or action items, along with work that needs to be accomplished in future weeks. 

Go/no-go review meetings are an additional element of our approach where the team assesses overall readiness for go-live, which then feeds into whether or not the team is ready to proceed with cutover activity. The review of the go/no-go criteria paints a realistic picture of readiness to the entire team and decisions are made collaboratively.

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Data Migration

We plan for the required data migrations at the beginning and re-assess the needs and progress at the cut-over meetings. We jointly evaluate the needs for historical data to enable comparisons and ensure all reporting needs are enabled for launch. Once we have a decision to proceed with the planned go-live date, cut-over activity commences in full. The teams would complete the checklist of standard tasks to ensure successful go-live. The detailed cut-over plan that is established minimizes the risk of key activities falling through the cracks. All of this equates to the team knowing what lies ahead, resolving issues that may potentially impact the overall timeline if not addressed quickly, and team members knowing what is expected of them throughout.

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NetSuite Integration and Customization

We can extend the functionality of your new system with integrations with other software – from Salesforce CRM to Oracle Planning & Budgeting implementations. The Centium team has the expertise to deliver customizations using the NetSuite developer set of tools and ensure your system fits your exact needs.

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NetSuite Support Services

Centium provides support to our customers in all areas of NetSuite, from supporting users after their initial go-live on their new NetSuite environment to adding new functionality and enhancements into an existing environment, and everything in between. 

For Technical Support, Centium provides both custom development and on-going support of our customer’s NetSuite environments with:

  • SuiteScript 2.0
  • SuiteBuilder
  • SuiteFlow
  • iPaas Integration – Dell Boomi, Jitterbit, Celigo, Custom and more

For Functional Support, the Centium team brings a deep and broad NetSuite knowledge and experience. Those skillsets allow us to provide a high level of ongoing support to our customers, regardless of whether our customers purchase an ongoing support plan or they only call us when they need us.

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